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Once upon a ord…

Once upon a ordinary time there was ordinary turtle. He was an ordinary brown colour with and old brown scaly shell. This ordinary turtle did the same thing everyday all day for three hundred and sixty five days a year and on leap year’s he’s extra ordinary on the extra day. In the morning he woke up and went to the toilet. Then he washed his hands with soap and of course… water. Then he walked to the kitchen. He made himself some breakfast (he always said breakfast was the most important meal of the year). He got dressed in his ordinary turtle shell-suit and put on his ordinary shell suit tie. He had these very old brown ordinary brown dress shoes that had faded in the sun. He had to head out to work at the ordinary turtle power plant where he followed the same routine everyday and followed the rules to the exact ordinary letter to keep everything in the ordinary. At the end of the day he headed home, taking the same ordinary path back to his ordinary house. He had an ordinary shower and took out his vintage ordinary false teeth and put them in a cup of ordinary disinfectant. He hopped into his ordinary bed which was the cover with an ordinary blanket and one ordinary pillow. He didn’t move in the slightest while he slept and only dreamt about the day to come tomorrow. After an ordinary eight hours of sleep he woke up and went to put on his ordinary shell suit with his ordinary suit tie. The ordinary turtle that is ever so ordinary never did anything out of the ordinary for the rest of his ordinary life. So the ordinary story of the very ordinary turtle comes to a very ordinary end.

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the below sentence is false

the above sentence is true

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